Enterprise PMO Setup In Aviation

We contributed to the maturity of the global avionics organisation and
implemented senior managements’ perspective


At one of the largest avionics groups based in APAC it was senior management’s perspective that gathering detailed information about portfolio, program project status becomes more and more pressing as the organisation grows and matures in terms of Program and Project delivery and its people’s culture

The organisation decided that the professionals who staff their project offices should be experienced and trained in program and project management skills. At the local level, the organisation has been using the Project Office to push the organisation to change its culture from a reactive style to a project oriented proactive organisation.

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Key Challenges

The trigger points to start the journey were by asking the organisation some key questions

  • What is the PMO’s fundamental purpose and goals?

  • What is the scope of the PMO based on organisation needs and target organisational maturity?

  • What core services will the PMO provide and how will success/value be measured?

  • Who does the PMO report to and who comprises the PMO team?

  • When will the PMO be in business and when will the core services be delivered?

Our Solution

The primary focus of EPMO Setup was to:

  • Act as quality assurance within the Program and Project Delivery Process

  • Provide a breeding ground and hub for Knowledge Sharing

  • Conduct Program and Project Snapshots

  • Act as the front for all Program and Project Management Initiatives across the enterprise

Fastlane Solutions had several meetings with the different groups of consultants, portfolio, program and project managers to verify the initial scope which turned out to be a very valuable process. Getting these people involved from the beginning was great because it was the only way to convince them to use it. Being aligned with real needs has been Fastlane Solutions’ core objective during the whole EPMO project.

The Enterprise, Portfolio, Program, Project Office must be home front for all P3M initiatives by:

    • Creating a Program and Project Governance and Strategic Alignment framework

    • Tailoring Program and Project Management frameworks for enhanced delivery

    • Managing on-going Risk at Portfolio, Program and Project levels

    • Establishing Communication Management Strategy with relevant Portfolio, Program and Project

    • Stakeholders.

    • Facilitating Portfolio, Program and Project Management Forums for knowledge sharing.

    • Establishing a Program and Project Management Coaching and Mentoring program

Our Approach

Fastlane Solutions followed a four-step process:

  • Identify key players

  • Develop an Implementation plan

  • Understand behavioural patterns and reactions

  • Lead the change process

The Outcomes

  • The Project Office cannot be implemented without upper level Management support and Buy-in.

  • Stakeholder Analysis is fundamental for success because they are key players of the game

  • Implementation plan development needs to take into account the organisational culture

  • Understanding the different behaviours from different stakeholders along the project, and planning potential reactions from the beginning helps a lot with managing the change

  • Passion, Persistence and Patience are key for leading the change

  • Most of the work of the Enterprise Portfolio, Program and Project Management Office is likechildren’s education, you try to convince people they will have better results if they change the way of doing things

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