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Almost all startup businesses face unique challenges and opportunities and the early stages of development are precisely the period when the pace of progress and flexibility play a vital role, and the right cloud solutions become an integral part of a successful strategy.

Resource Savings:

Startups funding is always a limited resource. Cloud solutions allow them to reduce initial infrastructure investments while enabling them to instantly scale computing and storage resources as their business grows or face challenges.

Accessibility, Reliability, and Security:

Running a startup business with the cloud solutions ensures high availability of data and applications accelerating and simplifying collaborative work on projects, regardless of the team’s location. This is particularly valuable in the initial stages and for international teams when a startup may not yet have a large physical office. In case of failures or emergencies, data will always remain secure and accessible for recovery, even if the startup is forced to economize on the security of its developments, as Akamai cloud provider offers a high level of data protection and automatically update software, ensuring data mobility, security and relevance of startup infrastructure.

With Akamai any startup can gain access to infrastructure credits that can be applied towards cost-effective cloud computing  and infrastructure services, including virtual machines, virtual private servers, GPU instances, and cloud storage.

is Akamai free cloud and computing services startup program?

Any startup can instantly qualify for an initial US $500 worth of cloud infrastructure credits, with the potential to accumulate up to US $120,000 credits during the year.

Such free cloud services based on Kubernetes engine will elevate the potential of any startup with robust and user-friendly free cloud infrastructure solutions, leading to a remarkable reduction in business monthly cloud expenses.

Akamai specialises in a wide range of cloud IaaS solutions that are essential for almost any modern high-tech Innovation business. After confirmation, each startup can use the acquired Akamai infrastructure credits to access the following services.

  • Free Linux virtual machines
  • Free VDS or VPS for developers
  • Free Cloud storage solutions for Oracle and Postgresql
  • Free cloud hosting and backup infrastructure for startup websites
  • Free GPU instances for high load computing solutions.

These cloud solutions not only reduce initial startup investments but also provide a more flexible, reliable, and secure infrastructure for startup businesses solving most initial data challenges. They help focus on product development and customer acquisition without being distracted by managing complex infrastructure.

free services can I get for my startup?

can I get free cloud VM, VPS or GPU for my startup? 

With the help of Akamai, practically every startup can consider a real opportunity to implement cloud solutions, based on K8s container orchestration engine for their business, aiming for greater success in a competitive environment.

Each startup can apply for free cloud solutions, but we primarily consider startups in the following industries located in Australia and New Zealand.

  • SaaS statups
  • Fintech startups
  • Blockchain startups
  • Any tech innovation startups


Our team at Fastlane Solution is here to guide you through the application process and ensure you get the resources you need.

Once you contact us, our team will facilitate your application, ensuring its success. Akamai (Linode) Cloud will then review your application, considering your startup’s unique requirements, growth potential, and scalability needs. Rest assured, they will find the most suitable solution for your venture. Whether you need technical insights or startup financial guidance, our experts are here to assist you in defining your cloud service requirements.

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