Agile In Forensic Software Development

Open up new market horizons through collaborative agile effort in software development


Fastlane Solutions provided advisory and consulting services to a global leading Forensic and Investigation powerhouse, developing a software platform for end-to-end time-sensitive forensic-grade investigations, eDiscovery, cybersecurity, risk, compliance and threat preventions.

Fastlane Solutions assisted in improving global product delivery capabilities, product requirements management, prioritisation and estimation processes, as well as implementation of a transparent Portfolio Management toolset using Atlassian’s Jira Portfolio.

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Client’s Situation

The need for a faster go-to-market response obliged Fastlane Solutions’ client to implement a more scalable structure of product and project delivery to aid future cost effectiveness and increase value for business and customers.

This would require coordinated change management and simultaneous adoption of improvements across the main pillars of the business – strategy, HR, Sales, and Delivery across multiple geographic locations.

Our Solution

In the first part of this initiative, Fastlane Solutions focused on the creation of a new global planning process and associated tooling combined with a bootstrap implementation within the core delivery teams in Australia and US.

With the support from Fastlane Solutions, our client set and achieved the following objectives:

  • Identify and lay the critical foundations of required changes and improvements from a global perspective
  • Reorganise the core team into the fixed feature team construct
  • Formalise the overall global structure of product and project delivery
  • Improve product requirements management and prioritization
  • Structure Architecture competency and improve consistency and accuracy of solution estimation
  • Configure and implement transparent planning and reporting toolset (Jira Portfolio)
  • Align and train teams and management to the above changes

Post the design and implementation of process and tool changes, the first collaborative portfolio planning was executed involving all product and delivery resources as well as selected international team members.

It has been acknowledged by the client that the execution of the initiative and the first portfolio planning and associated process, team structure and tooling changes have had fundamental positive impact. The complex product targets were enabled by conducting collaborative planning sessions, reducing risks of misalignment in dependencies / priorities, and their delivery risks.

In parallel, Fastlane Solutions conducted the CMMI assessment of Product and Delivery. That activity provided broader context and alignment of these and future improvements within the overall business.

Our Vision:
Empowering Business with Agile Cloud Solutions

At Fastlane Solutions, our mission is to be the leading Cloud consultancy in Australia and New Zealand, delivering innovative and scalable Cloud Solutions, Cloud Security, and Cloud Project Services. We empower businesses in navigating the Cloud landscape through strategic alliances and expertise, and we drive digital business transformation, ensuring cost-effectiveness, compliance, and successful project outcomes.

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