Continuous Compliance in
Financial Services

Fastlane Solutions provided advisory and consulting services to one of the biggest banks in Australia

We provided advisory and consulting services to one of the biggest banks in Australia.

Fastlane Solutions assisted in designing, implementing and improving automation capability of the Continuous Compliance for infrastructure part of the bank’s offsite private cloud platform initiative.

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 Client’s Situation

  • With a significant shift of paradigm in Banking and maturation of cloud platforms in the last couple of years, it is not a question of whether Banking will move to cloud, but when.

  • The strategic target of the initiative was to bring a unified platform for the future, improve cost-efficiency and increase speed of go-to-market. Similar strategies are a work-in-progress at major players in Banking all over the world.

Our Solution

  • Fastlane Solutions deployed a team of highly qualified consultants, led by its co-founder. Assisted by Chef Inc, Fastlane Solutions team hit the ground running with due diligence across multiple areas, including code quality, architecture, testing, environment management, and release and deployment.

  • Next, Fastlane Solutions team offered the customer a multitude of improvements where the processes were changed, or short-cuts introduced including in-code-change, reducing deployment delays during system integration testing and other areas.

  • Over several months of engagement, Fastlane Solutions assisted the customer with successful adoption and release of various “as-a-service”, APRA-compliant private cloud options, including RHEL, Windows OS, SQL Server, WebSphere and IBM MQSeries, and future-proofing the platform, including upcoming releases of Windows Server 2019 and improved automation and management. This work was significantly streamlined by adopting Fastlane Solutions’ Continuous Compliance principles and tools from Chef Inc.

  • It has been acknowledged by the Bank that the collective effort and success of the program allowed significant cost savings from setup costs, automation of 100% of previously manual tasks, vastly accelerated speed to market plus establishing a leading position for the Bank in advance of the upcoming OpenBanking and Customer Services cross-industry initiatives in Australia.

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