Technology Excellence

We empower you to implement rapid delivery and to see
faster returns through lean IT initiatives and processes

Fastlane Solutions prepares its customers for the future while firmly standing on principles of lean IT initiatives and processes delivering faster business outcomes, less waste and fewer risks.

Our experts facilitate technology excellence using Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery tools and frameworks. In every organisation, every project has a unique set of requirements driving both the core solution and the delivery processes.

Fastlane Solutions consultants will help you to adopt a Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery engine specific to your project requirements. We’ll enable you to create, kick-start and boost your team with the most powerful fit- for-purpose engine.

We want our customers to focus on their core value and leave the rest to us.


We are cloud agnostic and certified across multiple stacks. This means we can keep options open between global providers, hybrid and on-premise solutions. Fastlane Solutions enables business to concentrate on its core value in the knowledge that the rest is supported in a secure, compliant and efficient cloud environment.

DevOps & Automation

Fastlane Solutions itself evolved through mastering the highest DevOps and Automation excellence. Today we are an acknowledged ANZ market leader in the field recognised by customers and global partners. Fastlane Solutions goes beyond just solution delivery by understanding your business and advancing your team.

Continuous Compliance & Security

Manual handling of compliance (e.g. regulatory, security, risks or professional standards and privacy) doesn’t work anymore. Our suite of practices and tools proof-tested in heavily regulated industries like banking and finance supply your business with peace of mind.

Digital Twin

Our customers are in the advanced stages of the digital transformation curve, running smart business models and seeking product leadership. Digital Twin is a cutting edge digital replica of the enterprise’s physical infrastructure and simulation of future proven models or those being designed.

Platforms & Portals

Ways of delivering value to the market are constantly evolving. We draw on a combination of tech stack and knowledge to support your go-to-market through setting up tailored service platforms and customer portals. Achieve your highest shared value and market growth while playing a compliant game.

Selected Tech Capabilities

Our superior knowledge and skill set represents a combination of technology heavy, niche and highly in-demand capabilities. We are open minded when it comes to flexible application of tech expertise and tools. Our customers can enjoy leveraging specific elements or combinations of our services to address their immediate or strategic goals.

Our Mission
Enable smarter enterprise

Our Approach 

Fastlane Solutions offers a seamless suite of advisory, consulting and delivery management to help our customers to better prepare for the future of a digital and data driven economy. We invest our commitment and responsibility to deliver the highest standard and operational excellence to our clients.


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