Agile Transformation in banking, liquidity and capital management services – Cuscal Combined Summary – Case Study
“How Fastlane provided advisory, on the job Agile and Project Management training and coaching, and hands on technology assistance across the organisation at Cuscal. ”
Download (222kB, pdf)
Fastlane Continuous Compliance in Financial Services – Whitepaper
“Fastlane provided advisory and consulting services to one of the biggest banks in Australia. Fastlane assisted in designing, implementing and improving automation capability of the Continuous Compliance for infrastructure part of the bank’s offsite private cloud platform initiative. “
Download (210kB, pdf)
Fastlane Continuous Compliance and Security – Whitepaper
” A smarter approach to Security and Compliance is needed. One that delivers a more concise level of protection, compliance, hardening, monitoring and detection, threat mitigation and forensic data handling on the ongoing, continuous basis, across a bigger and more variable scope and perimeter. A holistic approach, taking better advantage of a new type of automation that can apply more effectively and more cohesively across the organization. And in so doing will significantly drive down the entire cost of compliance and drive down risks, not as a one-off, but continuously improving on the ongoing basis. We refer to this as Continuous Security and Continuous Compliance. “
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Agile in Forensic Software Development – Whitepaper
“Fastlane provided advisory and consulting services to a global leading Forensic and Investigation powerhouse, developing a software platform for end-to-end time-sensitive forensic-grade investigations, eDiscovery, cybersecurity, risk, compliance and threat preventions. Fastlane assisted in improving global product delivery capabilities, product requirements management, prioritisation and estimation processes, as well as implementation of a transparent Portfolio Management toolset using Atlassian’s Jira Portfolio. “
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Enterprise PMO Setup in Aviation – Whitepaper
“It was senior management perspective at a largest avionics group based in Australia Pacific, that gathering detailed information about portfolio, program project status becomes more and more pressing as the organization grows and matures in terms of Program and Project delivery and its people’s culture. “
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