Value Add Products

Fastlane - Continuous Compliance


For organisations that:

- Have difficulty coordinating compliance efforts across multiple divisions;

- Waste time and resources when multiple compliance requirements share common internal controls;

- Are overwhelmed by the time and costs it takes to complete the daunting number of tasks associated with each regulatory requirement;

- Struggle to align their documents against hundreds of security controls for audit inquiries;

- Are surprised by external audit findings that are outside of the scope of their internal audit frameworks

Fastlane provides a Continuous Compliance solution that alleviates these pain points by increasing internal transparency and control while simultaneously decreasing day-to-day responsibilities and overhead.

Compliance can’t be achieved in the data centre alone. It requires people, processes, expertise and tools to come together in order to achieve a state of continuous compliance.  This can be difficult to do, especially in industries where regulations about what needs to be reported vary and compliance frameworks are regularly changed, which is why continuous compliance requires a step-change in how compliance and security are assessed, delivered and monitored across an organisation. Essentially, continuous compliance involves an organisation-wide strategy and focus in order to be delivered effectively, that where Fastlane comes to give you peace of mind in this journey. Instead of waiting for trouble to strike your business, we take a proactive, continuous approach and insist on monitoring all your technology assets to reduce the down time.

Fastlane - Docker Swarm Cloud Clusters Management 


Self-healing, self-scaling production-ready Fastlane Docker Swarm Cloud Cluster Management Platform in any cloud environment using open-source free-to-use tools only. It is uniquely  leveraging platform-specific features, Swarm APIs and automation tools to achieve end-to-end solution which does not require any human interaction from initial provisioning to production use.

Unique capabilities:

-        Turn-key solution: Delivered platform is ready to be consumed by end users in production

-        Robustness: Self-healing, must survive single or multiple node failures

-        Scalability: Automatically provision / enroll new nodes to the cluster under high load

-        Cost-efficiency: Automatically un-enroll / deprovision nodes when load goes down beyond certain threshold

-        Ease of use: Single command execution or API call to provision the entire platform, no manual post-configuration

-        Zero touch: No direct SSH/RDP access or cloud platform level modifications required to operate the platform

Supported Cloud Platforms: AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Hybrid PaaSes, Inhouse Linux/Unix/Microsoft

Fastlane - InSpec - ACSC/ASD profile for Windows Workstations


Unique continuous compliance profile based on Australian Security Directorate (ASD) requirements for Windows Workstation hardening using Inspec as an automation tool.We have designed, iImplemented and tested ACSC/ASD hardening guide as InSpec test for continuous compliance purposes.