Enabling Smarter Enterprises with Agile Ops and Automation Solutions


Business agility is the way forward for organizations to deliver complex solutions while accommodating frequent changes that are common in competitive environments. This holds true especially for large companies that not only have to compete with rivals but also with a much broader segment of smaller competitors that are more nimble and agile. Sydney-based Fastlane Solutions identifies these dynamics and offers advisory, consulting, and delivery management solutions to enable their customer journeys by means of comprehensive and complimentary mixture of management practices and process automation. “We achieve this through a pragmatic approach that aligns and integrates solution-agnostic automation along with program, portfolio, and project management (P3M) and Agile Ops models,” explains Den Burykin, Director of Fastlane Solutions.

As each Fastlane consultant is a practitioner, they understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach and every business requires a tailored approach to achieve business value. “With our expertise in management, operations, and automation, we can enable changes in procedural, behavioral, and strategic areas at a faster pace,” says Burykin. Fastlane has vast experience in carrying out successful changes in organizations across various industries. Burykin illustrates this by elaborating on how his team provided advisory, training, coaching, and hands-on technical assistance to Cuscal Limited —an Australian company that provides transactional banking, liquidity, and capital management services and products—to help make their projects delivery more productive and efficient. Cuscal played a key role in New Payments Platform initiative in Australia, and Fastlane’s support contributed to that. With Fastlane’s help, Cuscal achieved successful changes in business agility while maintaining swift project deliveries across its extensive book of work. Additionally, Cuscal adopted a range of automation practices in continuous compliance, risk, and security in operations that successfully advanced project delivery and IT operations adding to its status as a leading technical provider for a wider range of credit unions and managed funds.

Fastlane empowers businesses to improve their customers’ journey, carry out rapid solution delivery, and witness faster returns through balancing lean IT initiatives, aligned collaboration, and automated operational processes. With a synergetic approach to addressing its clients’ customer needs, the firm efficiently brings management, engineering, and technology together. “We enable our clients to grow smarter on their own and adopt agility (aka Agile Ops) at various levels,” states Burykin. “This is achieved through shifting focus to the clients’ customer values, mature delivery management practices, and automating operations to maintain quality of service,” he adds. This is the reason when a global forensic and investigation software powerhouse wanted to implement a more scalable structure of product and project delivery to aid future growth and increase value for customers; they turned to Fastlane for guidance. For this initiative, Fastlane focused on improving alignment in global delivery planning and prioritization process and associated tooling within the core product teams. This resulted in aligned release pipeline and increased customer value throughput, leading to consequent successes on the market.

According to client feedback, Fastlane offered a unique combination of practical capabilities that allowed them to commit to complex engagements and deliver on promises while managing risks and benefits for their clients and their clients’ customers. Maintaining a customer aligned, vendor, technology, and platform-agnostic position has helped the Fastlane team in this regard. In 2018, Fastlane worked with a number of clients in different segments that are vital for the strategic prosperity of Australia and global economy, with tremendous success. Following these achievements, Fastlane’s offerings have attracted interest from international corporate and public segments that are looking for balanced and mature approaches to agility.