Our professional advisors combine strong technical capabilities with relevant industry experience and ability to offer practical, use able advice.

Be it a Start-Up seeking customer-centric app, SMB looking for a machine learning capability or globalcompany considering avenues to tackle corporate espionage and hold a digital investigation. Scale ofthe business does not matter for us as there is always a seamless fit-for-purpose package for any growing or mature company. Our exit criteria is when solution is a catalyst of your market growth.

Fastlane Solutions is a universal launchpad for multiple types of digital solutions in eDiscovery and Forensics, End-to-End Digital Application Development, Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Narrow Artificial Intelligence and Adaptive cyber security yielding tangible outcomes:

  • Navigate Data Lakes – search massive data volumes to create meaningful connections and map for you decision making. With powerful technology and engine, you will be able to access the most remote and blind spots of your business on any point of scale between human and non-human generated data to legacy ledgers. Track lost IP, find sensitive information or structure your digital world any pre-configured order

  • Set up Digital Investigations Lab – we can equip your enterprise with a world leading collaborative platform for digital investigations where both individuals and teams can search for truth in digital domain. Whether these are document review or international transactions combined with mobile chat – you’ll get to the necessary clarity

  • Automate Customer Interactions and Operations - automate customer interactions, such as emails, online chat, social media conversations and telephone calls. Interact more with ML/AI is to achieve better outcomes every time. AI can operate other technologies that increase automation in business. For example, AI can be used to control robots in factories or maintain ideal temperatures through intelligent heating. In retail, AI is also being linkedwith RFID and cloud technology to track inventory

  • Recruitment Process and Administrative Tasks - AI automates the recruitment of new employees by quickly sifting through applications, automatically rejecting those who do not meet the company’s specification. This not only saves time, but it also ensures that there is no discrimination or bias in the shortlisting process

  • Boost Customer Experience - identify patterns in customers’ behavior habits and provide highly accurate offers to individual customers while remaining privacy compliant

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Fastlane Solutions offers a seamless suite of advisory, consulting and delivery management to help our customers to better prepare for the future of a digital and data driven economy. We invest our commitment and responsibility to deliver the highest standard and operational excellence to our clients.