Our professional advisors combine strong technical capabilities with relevant industry experience and ability to offer practical, useable advice.

Your IT ecosystem state directly impacts the health of the business. Unexpected disruptions often happen due to reactive approach to monitoring of IT operations. We tend to achieve quality of monitoring and alerting before any event occurs so that organisation is continuously healing, improving while avoiding unnecessary pitfalls.

Fastlane Solutions treats monitoring and alerting as a practice making every effort and response measure meaningful. We work both with teams and tech to set up solid calibration and decision making as opposed to producing the waterfall of noisy data in IT.

Eventually we make your IT operations bring business benefits:

  • Boost Productivity and Avoid Downtime - improve the use of hardware through monitoring systems, detecting and giving notice of any breakdown or improper work

  • Resources and Time Optimisation with Meaningful Response - prevent incidents, and when these incidents happen, they are detected faster. Be aware of problems as they arise, allowing you to resolve the issue immediately and minimise the time anything is down or running slowly

  • Improve Customer Service - improve customer service and company's reputation by avoiding failures in the service or minimise the time of resolution

  • Cut IT Costs and Boost its Productivity - spend less time on controlling the proper functioning of the systems, mainly because the monitoring system takes care of it. Let your IT staff focus on other tasks, knowing that, if a problem arises, you will receive the corresponding alerts

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