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Navigation of people, processes and access across different layers of commercial, sensitive and protected information is no longer feasible by manual means. Not only it is a challenge for a set up, but also for achieving flexibility to support business agility is a field where Fastlane Solutions has led the market by outstanding cross-functional approach between processes, policies and tech.

We address all angles when setting up and maintaining organisational process for identifying, authenticating and authorising individuals or groups of people having access to applications, systems or networks by associating user rights and restrictions with established identities.

Fastlane Solutions makes sure these measure do not become a barrier, but protective layer and operational quality assurance measure achieving the range of business outcomes:

  • Improving User Experiences - no need for users to remember and input multiple passwords to access different areas of your system, users can enjoy automatic logins every time they move to a different connected system

  • Enhancing Security Profiles - systems can authenticate and authorise users based on the access level indicated in their directory profiles. The system can also automatically control user access using other factors. Additional rules can automate access decisions by identity attribute, group membership or authentication method

  • Simply Auditing & Reporting - consolidating user identities and passwords makes it easier for IT departments to audit where and how these user credentials are used. Especially when user credentials are compromised, the systems make it easier for IT departments to identify which user was compromised and which data was accessed during the breach

  • Easy Access No Matter Where You Are - users can access all interconnected systems, regardless of where the user is physically located. The big benefit for global business is providing ease of access to employees, partners and clients alike

  • High Productivity & Minimised IT Costs - eliminate the cost of internal help desks helping users locked out of their application accounts

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