Our P3M (Portfolio, Programme, Project) Practice provides advisory, consulting, and delivery management services utilising global standards and frameworks to tailor solutions to your business and enhance your P3M capability in order to achieve superior organisational benefits and business value. Fastlane consultants have vast experience in delivering projects and programmes in a wide variety of organisations and industries and are well positioned to help you get the job done! As practitioners we have done exactly what you do day-to-day and understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach and every project and programme is different and requires a tailored pragmatic approach. We also understand that not only is doing the project or programme right, but to ensure that we are doing the right project or programme at the right time! It’s all about opportunity cost.


Our P3M Advisory services are available to you over the long haul to help you uncover and define new or ongoing business challenges and direct you where to go and how to solve these challenges. We are here to guide you as to the exact problem and assist you to the possible solutions to select the best one. We pride ourselves in encouraging you to think critically and empower you take personal responsibility for exploring the best options at hand and making a successful and meaningful decision. Fastlane Solutions values its clients and we are here for the longer term to advise how to enhance your capabilities so that your business flourishes and deliver ongoing business benefits and value. We are your trusted advisor who is with you for the whole journey, not just to solve a specific problem.


Our P3M consultants are problem solvers who are focussed on giving a clear solution to specific P3M related business challenges that you have. We get to the root cause of your challenges and provide you with solutions to these.

P3M Delivery Management

Our Delivery Management services are geared around coaching, mentoring, and developing our clients programme and project resources, processes, and technologies, which when combined and focussed provide our clients with the business and technical functions needed to successfully achieve desired outputs, and outcomes, resulting in the optimised and desired business benefits and value being derived via your projects and programmes. Delivery management is more than just project management. Fastlane’s consultants act in a senior capacity to oversee the delivery landscape at a higher level with higher areas of responsibility, dealing third party vendors, executive steering committees, board of directors, etc. Fastlane is not a ‘body shop’ and does not believe in just placing bodies on projects and programmes. We are here to uplift your capability and so instead will work with you to ensure that the correct resources are identified and assist you with their acquisition and optimal use of them once acquired.

P3M Capability Practice Services

Our services across advisory, consulting and delivery management are listed below. If what you’re looking for not listed below, ask us anyway and if we do not provide that service we can put you in touch with who we know.

  • PMO & Portfolio Management
    • PMO Set Up
    • Existing PMO and portfolio optimisation
    • Assurance
      • Health Checks / Maturity & Capability Assessments
      • Risk Management
      • Governance
    • PPM tool advice and recommendations that are fit-for- purpose NB: we are vendor & tool
    • Organisational Change Management (OCM)
    • Benefits Realisation Management (BRM)
    • Dashboard and Reporting Optimisation
  • Programme & Project Management
    • Programme Management
      • Digital Transformation Programmes
      • Data Governance Programmes
      • Business Transformation Programmes
      • Vision-Driven Programs
      • Emerging Programs
      • Compliance Programs
      • Programme Recovery
      • Benefits Realisation Management (BRM)
      • Programme Assurance
        • Health Checks / Capability & Maturity Assessments / Stage Gate Reviews / Post Implementation Reviews (PIRs) / Benefits Realisation Reviews
        • Risk
        • Governance
  • Project Management
    • Infrastructure projects
    • Application projects
    • Integration projects
    • Business Projects
    • Procurement Management
    • Data Governance Projects
    • Project Recovery
    • Project Assurance
      • Health Checks / Maturity & Capability Assessments Stage Gate Reviews / Post Implementation Reviews (PIRs)
      • Risk Management
      • Project Governance
  • Change Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Other Services
    • Training
    • Coaching / Mentoring
    • Presentations / Speaking Engagements