How Nuix solution allows you to automate
digital investigations and eDiscovery



Quickly locate potential breaches, sources
scope and essence of electronically stored information


2Collect and Preserve

Ensure data integrity and gather it for further
processing in defendable way


Structure and optimise huge volumes of data for review and analysis


4Analyse and Review

Evaluate data for relevance and privilege, for content and context, including key patters, concepts, people, objects, locations and events

5Produce and Present

Extract and deliver data to others in
appropriate forms, and present data to
audiences (trials, hearings, meetings) in original
format to prove or validate facts

4 Gb/Hr per Node
Avg. speed of extraction and processing


 more insights from the same volume of data

75+ countries
serving private and public sector
Avg. reduction in time ramp
Nuix helped them. Nuix could help you too
Vodafone saves on legal costs
with Nuix solution
Vodafone's United Kingdom head office needed a more efficient way to conduct internal investigations and litigation matters. The digital investigation team installed a range of Nuix investigation and legal discovery products.

→ Eliminated backlogs for processing investigation data, completed tasks in hours instead of days

→ Brought investigation and litigation work in-house, reducing spending on external providers

→ Solved data classification and information governance problems across the business


Nuix is an indispensable part of the Panama Papers investigation

Gerard Ryle, Director of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) sits down to discuss the Panama Papers story -the leak of more than 2.5 million confidential files to ICIJ exposed the previously secret offshore financial activities of over 120,000 companies, politicians, financial criminals and wealthy individuals in over 170 countries.

→ Governments recovered more than $1.2 billion in fines and back taxes

→ Nuix software pierced through 11.5 million leaked files and created meaningful connection in days

→ Nuix processed 2.6 terabytes of data including emails, images, PDFs and other documents

Financial institution gets rid of private data security pain
A large financial institution was concerned about personally identifiable information (PII) stored in unsecured locations throughout its network. The firm used Nuix’s to search for common text patterns, specifically related to Social Security numbers, across several terabytes of data stored in network file shares.

→ Quickly searched large volumes of data across the firm’s networked storage

→ Utilised “out of the box” search terms to promptly begin returning results with minimal development time

→ Started acting on results within minutes of initiating searches

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Legal and forensic teams
turn to Nuix Discover
eDiscovery moves fast and your software should move faster. That's why legal and forensic teams turn to Nuix Discover. Nuix Discover users get access to the latest technology innovations in Litigations, Due Diligence and Electronic Discovery
Legal and forensic teams
turn to Nuix Discover
Investigators and their teams can make better-informed decisions and solve cases faster with Nuix Investigate® - advanced investigation software that blends cutting-edge digital workflows and graphic analysis with elements of traditional investigations.
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Legal and forensic teams
turn to Nuix Discover
Nuix Workstation is the world's leading technology for extracting intelligence from high-volume unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data. It saves you time, increases productivity, and streamlines workflows.
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Over 400+ national and regional agencies are using Nuix
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