It uniquely leverages platform-specific features, Swarm APIs and automation tools to achieve an end-to-end solution that does not require any human interaction from initial provisioning to production use.

Supported Cloud Platforms: AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Hybrid PaaSes, Inhouse Linux/Unix/Microsoft.

  • Turn-key solution - delivered platform is ready to be consumed by end users in production

  • Robustness - self-healing allows it to survive single or multiple node failures

  • Scalability - automatically provision / enroll new nodes to the cluster under high load

  • Cost-efficiency - automatically un-enroll / deprovision nodes when load drops below a certain threshold

  • Ease of use - single command execution or API call is sufficient to provision the entire platform with no manual post-configuration

  • Zero touch - no direct SSH/RDP access or cloud platform level modifications are required to operate the platform

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