Fastlane Solutions provides a Continuous Compliance solution that alleviates pain points by increasing internal transparency and control while simultaneously decreasing day-to-day responsibilities and overheads.

Compliance can’t be achieved in the data centre alone. It requires people, processes, expertise and tools to come together in order. It is especially challenging in industries where regulations vary and compliance frameworks are frequently changed. Let us be your guide in this exciting journey. Our clients’ successes are a proof that the path to mature compliance and security state is less painful than most would envisage:

Key Questions to ask yourself or your team to confirm if you have a problem:

  • How do we apply compliance breach detection in each area?
  • How long would it take for the organisation to identify a breach of the network from an internal or external origin?
  • If a breach or suspected breach is detected, is all the relevant data captured and quarantined in a suitable format for effective potential litigation use should it later be deemed necessary?
  • What monitoring system is in place to minimise the breach duration and recurrence?
  • How many man hours a month are spent on updating compliance status?
  • What are the percentage chances of a 1) breach, 2) suspicious behavior and 3) suspicious data anomalies escaping detection? Under what conditions would this occur?
  • How long and at what cost would the current methodology / technical process take to reduce these risks to an acceptable level?
  • How long does it take from identification of a breach or vulnerability to patching it?
  • Does the organisation have a desire or need to reduce compliance cost and reduce risk at the same time?

Fastlane Solutions consultants have proven themselves by automating literally any facet or pipeline of governance, risk, compliance, and security. We will start with a helicopter view on which goal you are seeking to achieve:

  • Mitigation of Legal Risks and Avoiding Future Costs - making your company and employees follow the laws, regulations, standards, data privacy, GDPR and ethical practices that apply to your organisation

  • Improved Operations and Safety - rules and regulations can help you create a better working environment for your employees leading you to enhanced productivity

  • Prevent and Detect Risks - enhance your risk assessment and threat hunting by gathering open data and get quick analytics to avert fraud, corruption, intellectual property theft

  • Higher Employee Retention - include policies and procedures in your employee handbook that mirror your legal compliance enhancing the protection of your employees and letting them know they are working in a fair, professional and safe environment

  • Build Trust with Your Customer Base - complying with regulations targeting consumer protection and security presents your business in the best light to your customers. Proving that you care about keeping them safe increases reputation, brand equity and significantly reduces risks of legal and commercial damages

  • Cyber Security and Threat Hunting - your company network may be fully protected, but a breach is possible, if your employees are entering sensitive information on their own devices or are careless with passwords and other valuable information

  • Enhance Your Reputation and Get Positive PR - improving your data security and letting your customers know their information is protected provides multiple options to capture business growth and secure the existing customer base

If Compliance and Security is not your business then why waste time and resources on something beyond your core competency? It is, however, hard to obtain a universal piece of mind as this domain does not have a finite state. Fastlane Solutions sets up automated solutions and practices across your IT and business environments maintained on an ongoing basis.

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