Suite of our methodology delivers a more concise level of protection, compliance, hardening, monitoring and detection, while driving down the entire cost and risk profile. We refer to this as Continuous Security and Continuous Compliance.

Security Risk and Compliance in its various facets across the organisations will often be divided into logical segmented areas, like Cyber Security, GDPR, Fraud, Regulatory, HR, Financial, Professional standards, business practices, performance reporting and so on.

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Narrowing our focus for the moment let's consider a few of the top fundamental issues with a typical current compliance management approach:

1. The excessive reliance on manual detection and risk mitigation which is by very nature error prone and slow to react, especially if siloed

2. Manual compliance management or detection doesn't operate 24/7/365

3. The detection of breaches, suspicious behaviour, or data anomalies is unreliable when using traditional automated detection methods and even more so with manual methods

4. Action as a result of any detection is very unlikely to be fast enough to properly mitigate the risk, considering the growing perimeter

5. Keeping all the areas of compliance separate is missing out on the economy of scale and ability to employ a more effective, more consistent, higher quality compliance management approach from end to end, organisation wide

6. End-point protection and mass storage of log data is outdated. It is necessary but not sufficient to be considered as an effective measure

7. Using the economy of scale approach along with smarter automation, more cost effective results can be achieved with a smaller core team, and be effective 24/7/365 even with grown perimeter and increased threat levels. It can become more than just an impression of risk reduction.


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