Our Agile Capability Practice provides advisory, consulting, and delivery management services utilising global agile standards, frameworks, techniques and practices to tailor solutions specific to your requirements, and to enhance your agility in order to achieve superior organisational benefits and business value. Fastlane Solutions consultants have vast experience in delivering successful agile transformations in a wide variety of organisations and industries and are well positioned to help you get the job done! As practitioners we have done exactly what you do day-to-day and understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach and every agile transformation is different and requires a tailored, pragmatic approach.

We provide our clients with a structure for agile transformation that can be logically communicated and commonly understood.  We bring value by tailoring approaches, documentation, effort and direction in a scaled and agile manner to suit each specific enterprise, its current culture and change status, and each of its strategic themes.

We assist clients to adopt and customise any of the mainstream agile frameworks at various levels in the organisation (enterprise, portfolio, or team) in such a way that the continuous use of those frameworks, methodologies and best practices become instrumental in a consistent and repeatable way, serving the enterprise as a strategic enabler through which all programs and projects can yield the benefits they set out to achieve.


Our Agile Advisory services are available to you over the long haul to help you uncover and define new or ongoing business challenges and direct you where to go and how to solve these challenges by becoming more agile. We are here to guide you as to the exact challenges you’re facing and to assist you to select the best approach for becoming agile. We pride ourselves in encouraging you to think critically and empower you take personal responsibility for exploring the best options at hand and making a successful and meaningful decision. Fastlane Solutions values its clients and we are here for the longer term to advise how to enhance your capabilities so that your business flourishes and becomes better in delivering ongoing business benefits and value. We are your trusted advisor who is with you for the whole journey, not just to solve a specific problem.


Our agile consultants are pragmatic problem solvers who are well-experienced and focussed on giving a clear solution to specific agility challenges that you have. We get to the root cause of your challenges and provide you with suitable solutions to these, enabling the customisation and adoption of a number of mainstream frameworks and methodologies (whether in pure or hybrid / combined form).
Examples are: Iterative/Incremental, Enterprise Unified Process, eXtreme Programming (XP), LEAN, Agile, DAD (Disciplined Agile Delivery), SCRUM and Scaled Agile (SAFe). We are able to provide the necessary means and models with which to objectively measure the transformation rate of any of the above in the applicable "transformation areas" in the client enterprise. Through our agile transformation consulting, we significantly enhance your current team/s with subject matter experts who serve as coaches / mentors in the adoption of any of these agile frameworks.

AGILE Delivery Management

Our Agile Delivery Management services are geared around coaching, mentoring, formally training and developing our client’s agile capabilities, processes, techniques, practices and technologies. Agile delivery management is more than just helping our client’s teams to become agile. Fastlane Solutions’ consultants act in a senior capacity to oversee the delivery landscape at a higher level with higher areas of responsibility, including the effective dealing with third party vendors (who, more often than not, poses a challenge in terms of becoming agile). Fastlane is not a ‘body shop’ and does not believe in just placing bodies with clients to “figure out what they need to do”. We are here to uplift your agile capability and so instead will work with you to become successful in becoming agile.

AGILE Capability Practice Services

Our services across advisory, consulting and delivery management are listed below. If what you’re looking for not listed below, ask us anyway and if we do not provide that service we can put you in touch with who we know.

  • Business Agility:
    • Value Stream Identification
    • Value Delivery
    • Market Responsiveness
    • Product & Services Alignment with Strategy
  • Solution Delivery Optimisation through Agile Transformation:
    • Agile Training
    • Agile Coaching
    • Agile Practices, Frameworks, Methodologies & Ways-Of-Work
    • Agile PMO
    • Agile Tools (advice and recommendations that are fit-for-purpose - NB: we are vendor & tool agnostic!)
  • Agile Transformation Change Management
  • Other Services:
    • Agile Suitability - Discovery & Assessment
    • Agile Maturity Measurement
    • Agility Comparator Assessments
    • Presentations / Speaking Engagements